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Gabriola Chamber

Island Enterprise Zone Survey

Here on Gabriola we share a commitment to preserve and protect our island community. The Gabriola Chamber of Commerce is a diverse group of entrepreneurs and family-owned enterprises who work together for the common good of our island community by providing services,...

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Taking the Pulse of Our Island

The Gabriola Health and Wellness Collaborative (GHWC) has produced the Gabriola Health Report to provide all Gabriolans access to data that reflects the health of our island community. Taking a broad approach to the definition of health, this report provides a...

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Couch Fest! Tickets NOW ON SALE!

The "Big Night In" is finally here! We encourage you to make an event of it! Put a blanket out on the lawn, connect some good speakers, order take-out, and serve up some special drinks. Dress up and dance while watching your favorite performing artists from Gabriola...

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UPDATED! COVID-19 Information April 22nd

The Gabriola Chamber is working hard to support the local businesses through this trying time, as well as inform them and link them to resources. Below are some documents to provide helpful information. The first is to inform the local population on what business...

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